My journey with the Energy Healing Institute

From Reiki and Cranial Sacral therapy to certified Energy Healing Practitioner.

I had a client practice previously, offering Reiki and Cranial Sacral Therapy. However, it left me wanting to understand and help clients address their challenges, patterns, and issues at the root cause and affect change there. I also wanted more energy hygiene practices to create individuation from my clients, and to ensure an energetically pristine treatment space. So, I kept looking for other modalities and schools. When I came across the Energy Healing Institute and Jill Leigh’s teachings, I knew I had found what I was looking for. And it was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. 

First, I applied the chakra and aura tools with myself, integrating them into my self-care practices.  Wow, did they really work, leading me on an evolving and growing path for many years. I was able to regulate my chakras, putting down my empathic sensitivity and overwhelm for starters. I also am shifting out of perfectionism and caretaking. Instead, I’m learning to be autonomous, sovereign, contained, and to set and maintain appropriate boundaries. All wonderful, but not always easy. It takes practice and commitment, but it’s so powerful.

The practitioner program and master classes, such as clairvoyance, have furthered my work with others. There are many layers and aspects to the hygiene skills I learned for this work, yay! This keeps the container safe for me and my clients. And the clairvoyance I use with myself and my clients, helps me know and see energy, rather than operating from clairsentience, and feeling things. This is another way I keep clear and keep each of our individual selves respected and honored, instead of merging our energies and emotions. 

Back to the practitioner program, it is a very thorough, extensive, and rigorous program, training me deeply in the workings and skills of being an Energy Healing Practitioner. I have studied and applied these tools to assist clients on their healing journeys. This has led to big positive shifts in their lives. I am truly grateful for these teachings; my life and my client’s lives, are forever changed. I cannot thank the Energy Healing Institute and Jill Leigh enough for sharing this work with me.

Currently, I am a certified Energy Healing Practitioner, seeing clients in Evanston, IL and remotely, while I continue to further my education through the EHI school. I am delighted to deepen my skills to assist clients with their healing journeys. To find out more go to my listing in the practitioner directory on the EHI website.

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