60 Minute Workshops

I enjoy sharing information about energy healing with clients and practitioners.

I currently offer two 60-minute workshops either in person, or online via Zoom, for therapists, bodyworkers, clinical professionals and healing practitioners. I am frequently engaged to deliver these workshops with practice groups, healing centers and other service-minded organizations. 

The workshops focus on effective energy regulation and management practices for avoiding burnout and energetic countertransference in client sessions. 

Please be in touch if you’d like me to teach one of these workshops to your staff, colleagues or employees.

Workshop on Energetic containment

A lifeline for practitioners that are over-committed and burning out

This workshop helps practitioners recognize and resolve issues of energetic transference and countertransference, porosity, burnout and overwhelm that can occur in a busy practice with clients who may present with neediness, anxiety, or who emotionally pull on their care team. I share a Containment Protocol that focuses on energy hygiene, boundaries, and containment as an essential aspect of self-care. 

Energetic containment enables practitioners to hold space for healing and evolution, while ensuring their clients are holding themselves and their process! It’s a game-changer for practitioners that can also accelerate their clients ability to heal. 

workshop on Finding Neutrality

The antidote to getting lit up when your clients’ issues hit close to home

This workshop provides actionable skills for handling experiences where clients ‘light them up’. When a practitioner gets ‘lit up’, they are instantly and unconsciously resonating with the client’s story. 

This 1-hour experiential workshop provides simple, effective energetic tools that support practitioners to achieve neutrality when their clients’ issues light them up, and will assist them as they address their own inner work.

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