Energy Healing Sessions


I assist clients who want to roll up their sleeves and dig deep to make lasting changes in their lives. Together we explore what’s holding you back, get to the root cause, and affect change there. I empower my clients with skills for their self-care practices to further the work. 

Imagine your life if you could:

Still the monkey mind keeping you confused and stuck.

Eliminate negative self-talk and low self-esteem

Resolve family of origin issues.

Find authentic self-expression.

Learn to care for yourself, not just everyone else.

Energy healing can help with all these issues and more.

Sarah’s thoughtful, gentle instruction has enabled me to shift from “reactive” to “responsive”. I feel like a different person. I can recognize patterns in the moment and re-center myself. It’s empowering.

— Sarah W. – Chicago, IL 

How a Session flows

Your session begins with a brief intake to help clarify and identify your core issues. I then craft an intention that we both hold for your session. I will develop a treatment strategy based on the core patterns we have discussed and you want to evolve.

While you are on the table, I clear your chakras and aura of the energies you are ready to let go. To finish, we review your session and I may teach you skills for your home practice and ongoing evolution.

session details

Remote or in-person sessions:

Intake session— $150 (90 Minutes)
Follow up session— $125 (75 Minutes)


Held at my office at Heartwood in Evanston, IL


Held online in the comfort of your own home.


“I came to Sarah with an issue with confidence after experiencing a series of losses. Sarah held a safe space for us to explore the cause and what was happening to me. We looked at how I am holding my energy and some past traumatic events surrounding the issue. I now have the tools to use when I need to feel more grounded. “

Mary L. — chicago, IL

“Working with Sarah over these past seven months I have experienced a measurable shift in my energy. A sense of calm and clarity of awareness. I feel much better; healthier habits in eating, sleeping and exercising have replaced too much caretaking of others and using wine “to relax”. I am happier and taking greater initiative in directing my life.”

Katherine R. — Evanston, IL