Reveal Your Radiance

It’s your birthright

I create a safe space for those who feel disconnected and stuck in their healing journey, transform their relationship with themself and learn to live in joy and authenticity.

Do you long for greater inner peace and awareness, a sense of calm and grounding? 

Perhaps you’ve been on a healing journey for some time, trying many modalities, but not finding lasting results. You yearn for a healthier relationship with yourself and others, wanting more balance and alignment with your choices and your life. 

I bring deep listening to each energy healing session and create a safe space for you to explore and evolve your patterns and issues. Freeing you up to respond in current time rather than react from a place of old wounding. 

You can follow your own inner compass, value and care for yourself, and live from a place of calm, inner peace, and groundedness.  In a collaborative relationship, held in a safe space,  you can transform your life and how you live.

3 easy steps



Clarify what’s keeping you stuck and identify what you want to evolve.

Reach out

Be courageous and trust me to assist you on your healing journey.


Embrace the process and open to healing. Deepen the work with ongoing self-care practices I will teach you. 

Why trust me?

For the last 30 years, my challenges and struggles inspired me to explore many healing modalities. For personal growth and transformation, I’ve been a long time Reiki master and yoga and mindfulness practitioner. I’ve also used these modalities professionally to assist others on their own paths of healing and evolution. 

I bring all of these experiences together to my practice as a certified Energy Healing Practitioner, which enables me to help clients address root issues and make lasting changes in their lives. A true path for evolution on a deep level.

I create a space where your own inner essence flowers and inspires your life.


“Sarah is a wonderful energy worker and holds a deep, energetic, and compassionate space. She has a gentle, kind and therapeutic manner upon which she holds space. I love working with her. I trust her and feel safe in her hands.”

Vivian S. — chicago, IL

“Sarah’s thoughtful, gentle instruction has enabled me to shift from “reactive” to “responsive”. I feel like a different person. I can recognize patterns in the moment and re-center myself. It’s empowering.”

Sarah W. — chicago, IL