What types of issues can I resolve with Energy Healing?

From anxiety to calm & clarity
Live authentically & love who you are
Embody your life; come home to yourself
Regulate your energy field, diminishing porosity and empathic sensitivity
Consciously & authentically interact in your relationships
Decrease people pleasing & caretaking
Release & resolve difficult, debilitating emotions such as depression & self-hatred 
Reduce perfectionism & embrace your humanity
Release reactivity & foster emotional resilience
Express yourself without falling into old patterns & behaviors
Thrive in the life you consciously, intentionally create
Experience ease & health in your body

These are examples of common concerns that my clients address and resolve through our work together.

How do I prepare for our work together?

Bring your curiosity, and your commitment to yourself and your healing journey. Be prepared to learn new concepts and ideas about how your energy generates your experiences. Consider and be ready to share the most important aspects of your life that you would like to see evolve and change. 

For more information about how a session flows, go here.

What is the benefit of in-person or remote sessions?

During an in-person session you enter the sanctuary of a soothing healing center, where you can relax in the quiet atmosphere, without distractions, as well as being in one another’s presence. 

In a remote session, you are in the comfort of your home. Remote sessions are also available in any location and a great option when you or a family member are sick. 

The work is the same, whether you are at home or in my office. Energy is accessible remotely, and I can easily conduct a remote clearing and spend time on Zoom with you to get updated on your progress and share feedback and skills. 

What might I experience while I am on the table?

For the most part clients relax and let go. Some clients experience sensations in their body, some see colors or images. Some clients drift into a deep meditative space or even fall asleep. You may have some of these experiences or a different one altogether. The work is happening regardless of whether you feel sensations or fall asleep. 

Truthfully, your experiences on the table are a moment in time. What’s more important is to observe and validate the shifts you notice in your life as a result of our tablework sessions, and your consistent practice with the simple energy skills I teach you. Your evolution is the real testament to the work. Additionally, your readiness to shift, to evolve, and to heal, and your commitment to practicing the skills, tends to shift your patterns more quickly.

What type of Energy Healing do you do?

I studied, and continue to deepen my learnings, at the Energy Healing Institute. This is a comprehensive and rigorous training program for practitioners. I chose the program because the work is grounded in both science and spirituality. It has a strong focus on self-care tools that I use myself, as well as energy hygiene practices I implement before, during, and after each client session.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person has a unique experience with the work. There is no specific answer to this question. As clients embrace the work and commit to their self-care practice, their energy and experience evolves. Our work together is progressive and unfolds over time. Clients are encouraged to observe and validate the shifts that emerge as they continue their work. 

What are your session rates?

My session rates are as follows for in-person and remote sessions:
Initial session— $150 (90 Minutes)
Follow up session— $125 (75 Minutes)

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens and I understand that appointments sometimes need to be missed. Your scheduled session time is set aside for you, so if you need to cancel I require 24-hour notice to provide a refund of your session fee.

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