Four ways Energy Healing fosters healing and growth

When your energy is vibrant and vital, really humming, you are radiant!

Just like regular care for your physical body, providing it with nourishing food, routine physical activity, and proper sleep; your energy body needs regular maintenance as well. Everything is composed of energy; attending to your energy body supports your health and evolution. When your energy is vibrant and vital, really humming, you are radiant!

Here are 4 ways Energy Healing supports your radiance:

  1. Presence & grounding – ensures wholeness and embodiment, fully inhabiting your energetic body. It anchors you in the present moment, right here, right now, where alignment and healing are possible. Clients often feel they have come home to themselves, found their way down into their body and anchored within, after applying these skills.
  1. Regulating chakra settings – cultivates self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and autonomy. Instead of being awash in other people’s emotions and energy, you instead claim and own your energy. Emotional awareness expands, it becomes possible to recognize and advocate for your needs, and you increase your ability to authentically express yourself. The more adept you become at feeling, processing and releasing your emotions, the less you tend to repress them. 
  1. Establishing energetic containment and boundaries – creates clarity on what is yours and what is not yours. Once you recognize that you are only responsible for your energy and your energy field, life is much more manageable.
  1. Clearing your energy field – releases challenging emotions, outmoded beliefs and behavioral patterns that you’d like to change and evolve. As you let go of patterns and behaviors from other times and places, you may find how you interact in your relationships becomes more organic and authentic. Observing yourself and responding, rather than reacting, becomes possible; creating new pathways to be who you are.

It is a pleasure working with clients to address and support their liberation as they evolve.

Clients have resolved these types of issues with Energy Healing:

  • Reducing caretaking
  • Replacing self-critical with self-loving
  • Learning to trust one’s knowing
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Decreasing anxiety and anger, inhabiting a state of calm
  • Empathic sensitivity and overwhelm giving way to thriving and ease
  • Evolving relationships
  • Consciously choose your roles
  • Shifting emotional reactivity to authentic responding 
  • Physical issues and illnesses that are frequently connected to emotions that are not allowed and not released

Energy Healing utilizes these four ways of caring for your energy body; radiance blossoms, and healing and evolution emerge.

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