How I Became an Energy Healing Practitioner

From pharmacist to holistic healing practitioner.

As a young girl, I knew I wanted to help people heal and restore balance. I could often be found reading books on holistic and alternative healers and doctors. Then in my early adult years I began seeking to understand the body and how it works. Getting my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I continued in healthcare, becoming, and then practicing, as a pharmacist for many years. 

Some might wonder how I went from practicing as a pharmacist, to having an Energy Healing Practice. I realized practicing pharmacy in the Western medical system served to ground me and my understanding of human physiology and pathology; but it was limited on its own. Therefore, I branched out into the Holistic field in 2000, when I was introduced to and studied deeply Reiki, Hakomi Method and Cranial Sacral therapies. I had a client practice utilizing those modalities for many years, however, I found myself taking on my clients’ energies and emotions, and the resultant burnout took a toll on me.

After closing my practice to restore my health and replenish my energy, I went on a search for an energy healing school and modality that would offer skills for containment, regulation and hygiene. One that would assist me setting aside clairsentience, replacing that with clairvoyance. I also realized I was fascinated by how people tick and how this contributes to their health or ‘dis-ease’.

Enter Jill Leigh and the Energy Healing Institute, where I learned a suite of skills for energy hygiene and regulation, keeping a pristine container. Additionally, I learned how to use my clairvoyance, to see, hear and know, rather than run the energy through my body. What a game changer!

This along with the many energy clearing skills, and rigorous Practitioner trainings, equipped me to help clients put down what no longer serves them; their old patterns, beliefs, emotions and stories that keep them stuck giving way to alignment and empowerment. 

The best part is this modality offers me tools to assist clients to get to the root of their issues and make lasting changes in their lives. The results are astonishing and I love witnessing their evolution. So thank you Jill Leigh and the Energy Healing Institute, I feel deeply grateful for this work I now share with clients in my current practice. 

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