What is Energy Healing?

Are you curious about Energy Healing? This interview illuminates what it is and the importance of keeping your energy humming.

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a fellow Heartwood practitioner, Jessica Renner, of Acorn & Oak Counseling. She is a trauma therapist in our community and we had an engaging conversation about Energy Healing and its usefulness in conjunction with therapy.

I’d love it if you sat down with a cup of tea on a rainy spring day and watched it all, but here are some highlights if you want just a taste.

At the 5:50 mark I share about energy regulation; what it is and why it’s important. 

If you are interested in energetic boundaries you may want to jump in at the 26:55 mark.

At 39:50, I speak about energetic clearing.

And at the 46:40 time I share about the importance of energy flowing.

Whether you watch a little or the whole thing, I hope it illuminates for you some of what Energy Healing is composed of and its usefulness in keeping your energy flowing and radiant. 

Watch here



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