Grounding & Setting Key Chakras

Ground your energies and balance your chakras.

I’ve created a meditation for clients and those interested in learning about energy healing. I often teach this simple practice to my clients to help them feel more present and anchored in their day-to-day experience. Perhaps it will be helpful to you to learn about setting a few of your key chakras and grounding. 

There’s a brief explanation about the skills I’m offering below, then you can receive the meditation by entering your email on the bottom of the page.

We will begin with grounding, anchoring you in current time.

Setting your Chakras:

When your feet chakras are open, they allow you to release spent and held energy into the earth. This also grounds you into the earth. Set them to 60% open.

Your 2nd chakra is the seat of your emotions. It is often too open and will then vacuum in other people’s emotional energy that resonates with what you are vibrating. Then your body doesn’t know what is yours or another’s, exacerbating emotions that you tend to run, for example fear or anxiety. Closing this chakra down allows you to come back to your own emotional awareness, and stop being flooded and overwhelmed by others’ emotional energy. Close this down to 25% open.

When your 7th chakra is too open, you will feel ungrounded. Closing this escape hatch appropriately will assist your grounded experience. Begin with closing it down to 25%, when you can sustain this, close it to 50% open.

This meditation may be used whenever you feel ungrounded or out of sorts. Additionally, doing this many, many times per day will help you regulate the included chakras appropriately. The more you do it, the faster they will reset.

Let me know about your experience working with your energy! I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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