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Featured Practitioner at Energy Healing Institute

Featured Practitioner at Energy Healing Institute

Some might wonder how I went from practicing as a pharmacist, to having an Energy Healing Practice. I realized while the Western medical model served to ground me, it was limited on its own. Therefore, I branched out into the Holistic field in 2000, when I was introduced to Reiki, Hakomi Method and Cranial Sacral therapies. I had a client practice utilizing those modalities for many years, however, the clairsentience, and resultant burnout, took a toll on me, like so many other dedicated practitioners.

Enter Jill Leigh and the Energy Healing Institute, where I learned a suite of skills for energy hygiene and regulation, keeping a pristine container. Additionally, I learned how to use my clairvoyance, to see, hear and know, rather than run the energy through my body. What a game changer!

This along with the many energy clearing skills, and rigorous Practitioner trainings, equipped me to help clients put down what no longer serves them. Their old patterns, beliefs, emotions and stories that keep them stuck giving way to alignment and empowerment.

Here is a brief snippet of an interview I had with Jill about my client practice now.

What led you to choose energy healing as a modality to offer your clients for their healing and evolution?

When I was first introduced to Jill’s work and the energy clearing tools, I recognized the powerful nature of the shifts possible with this work as I used them for my own healing. I felt inspired to share the tools with my clients, helping others evolve in big ways.

Being an Energy Healing Practitioner also allows me to utilize my energetic sensitivity, grounded presence, and deep listening capabilities in a professional manner to assist others.

How do you explain what you offer in your sessions to incoming clients?

My clients and I form active partnerships to create lasting changes in their lives. I support them in their work through development of a treatment strategy that is geared specifically to the changes and shifts the client is seeking to make. Our partnership begins with an intake process, where we establish the work we’ll do together, grounded with an intention that we hold together as the work unfolds. Each session begins with an intake to see how the work is progressing, and includes table work to clear, infuse and balance the chakras and aura on the clients behalf. I also share skills and tools for my clients to apply at home to further their work and evolution.

What does it feel like to be a practitioner, to do this work for a living?

To be a practitioner and do this work for a living is a dream come true! I have always yearned for a client practice offering a high integrity modality with impeccable hygiene practices. I also love being accountable for my own ongoing growth and evolution – to keep up with my self-care practices as a means for modeling the work and to best serve my clients. Beyond that, it’s so delightful and inspiring to witness the healing and evolution of others. What joy it is to do this work!

What would you like someone who is considering energy healing for inner work and evolution to know prior to booking a session?

It’s important for clients to be ready to commit to the change they’d like to create, and to recognize that they are the healer, the catalyst for change. Our partnership as client and practitioner blossoms when the client sees themselves as fully empowered to grow and thrive, as the leader of their evolution. My role is to facilitate and support their process, guide them to apply resources and tools for healing, and to clear their energy during our in-person and remote sessions. As clients’ lives evolve, changes can occur in how they experience themselves, and in their relationships with others. Sometimes roles and relationships need to shift as clients become more aligned within themselves. New choices and opportunities emerge as they show up for themselves in new and evolved ways. The work is very exciting, can be challenging at times, and is always aligned with what the client would like to create in his or her life.

How has being an energy healing practitioner benefitted you as a person?

I have grown enormously being an energy healing practitioner. I am putting down clairsentience, empathic sensitivity, and overwhelm, replacing them with clairvoyance, empowerment and sovereignty. When I thought empathic sensitivity was who I was, I used to frequently retreat from the world. Now I engage fully, actualizing my life in wonderful ways. I rest when I need to, but not because I’m overstimulated and overwhelmed! I also lead a balanced life, trusting my flow, which has enabled me to let go of a need for perfectionism and control. It’s been an amazing and affirming change for me, and I’m so grateful!

To visit my listing on the EHI Practitioner Directory, go here.

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