Heartwood Center

Becoming a practitioner at a holistic healing center, a dream come true.

I have wanted to be a practitioner at a holistic practice center for over 25 years. When I lived in Colorado, friends and colleagues and I dreamt of buying some land and building a holistic healing and retreat center; but that was not meant to be. Then years later, I was seeing a practitioner that was part of a healing center in Chicago, and she would share about the collaboration, meetings, and connections with me. Boy, that sparked my interest again and I knew, yep, I want to be a member of a center.

So, as a practitioner myself, recently I decided to look for opportunities, and the Heartwood Center came to mind. Actually, 4 or 5 people mentioned to me that I should check out Heartwood. And I did listen. When I first toured the space with Nancy Floy, the director, the energy felt like coming home; clear, vibrant, and alive; safe, with a touch of cozy. I then learned about all the ways that Heartwood brings together its’ practitioners, fostering teamwork and collaboration. As well as how it serves the community in outreach and programs. I knew this was where I wanted to practice. Thus, with our missions aligned, I became a practitioner member of the Heartwood Center. Now, I am enjoying meeting the other practitioners, clients, and neighbors of this wonderful center. Thank you, Nancy, and all of the Heartwood members and community. I am grateful to all who come through its doors.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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