Consent Form

Consent Form

Client Consent


All of my client sessions are confidential. In order to be thorough in my approach to my sessions with you, and to continue my path to being the best practitioner I may be, I am in supervision with Jill Leigh. Jill Leigh is the Founder and Director of the Energy Healing Institute, where I have undergone rigorous studies to be a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner. As a client, you agree to allow me to bring the details of your case and my treatment strategy for review and feedback to my supervisor, Jill Leigh. All mentoring calls are held in confidence and cases are discussed only in the context of the questions that I’m seeking input about.

Consultation and feedback are essential elements for mastering my work with energy healing protocols. I appreciate your willingness to support me in achieving mastery with this work.

Informed Consent:

It’s important that you know that I am not trained to provide psychotherapy or make any kind of medical or psychological assessments. If, during the course of our work together, you need additional help, I will refer you to other providers where appropriate, and let you know if your needs have exceeded my professional qualifications.

Cancellation Policy:

Please note my cancellation policy requires 24-hour notice to receive a refund on your session fee.

Agreed and Accepted:

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